Monday, January 11, 2010

Is this Malaysia or what ??

Allah has been in the bible for so long.Why now only they say this and that!!!!!!Why Sabah and Sarawak can,here cannot ???Let me say this,This is Malaysia !!!!!ok,Malaysia!!!! This is not a islamic country ok!!!! This is a multiracial country.Don't spoil the countries peace lah!!!!If not !!!!!!Back to square one loh,all races fight,and then May 13 again loh!!!!!!Solve the trouble, don't ask for trouble.Now that we are trying to recover from the economic downturn,we are hit yet the otherside,the tourism industry.With the rising tension's and racial issues,have made many international tourist thinking twice or maybe more then twice,before they book for a ticket to Malaysia...........Now this is no more the Malaysia that people like or respect,this Malaysia is now the Malaysia that people hate and dislike............we must change it before its too late.