Thursday, April 8, 2010

My new phone !!!!!! Out with the old.....In with the new.....A great end to my frustrations

The Nokia 5800 Xpress Music

 Thank's to my parents.....My frustration's with my old phone has come to an end.
It all started,when I droped my old phone on the ground.....around 6 times....but it survived all that horror and it was as normal as it was.
 One day,I was playing a game on the Handphone,and without warning,it shut-down and I took me a full day to re-on it.And this continued for a number of days,until I couldn't take it anymore.Even when emergencies occur the Hp can't be used.So I took it to the phone shop.
The guy said he need to change the housing of the phone,so my father agreed to send it for repair,after one week we collected the Hp,I was very happy,the phone was a good as new,but aftre two days,the horror came back to haunt me,again it shut-down by itself,and this time I couldn't  do anything to revive it back,like it went into coma stage.
Took it back to the phone shop,he said,it can't be repaired,you have to sell it.So I agreed to sell it,or trade it in.And then I was given the task to choose a phone....Haiz.....So many Nokia,Sony Ericisson,LG,Samsung,I-phone....Of course my dream phone was the I-phone,but it was too big...and the I-phone 3Gs was a hot topic among the robbers who steal this phones.So the shop keeper,recommended me this phone.......a Nokia 5800 Xpress Music......It has a touch screen...FM Radio....and of course no commends on the sound quality...haha..Xpress Music...sure its the best and it also had some great features that makes it different from other Xpress Music and other branded phones...and he offered me the best price....RM1050.....haha..i like the phone.....I basicly fell in love with it.....and i liked the price number 1050 so without wasting time,I sealed the deal.And after three days i got the phone.
It just took me 50 min's,to learn about the gaget.And this was my best phone ever.It really does make me rock.Well again thank's to my beloved Mum and Dad....For this wonderfull gaget.....^^

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