Sunday, March 28, 2010

Intolerant 1 Malaysia

We now have a deputy speaker in Parliament who asked an Indian lawmaker if he would like to go back to the estates. He even goes further by trying to equate his action with how in the past people were telling the Malays to go back to the kampungs.
Isn’t that what supposedly started an entire racial riot in 1969, that led to a coup d’├ętat that basically unseated our Bapa Kemerdekaan and replaced him with our current Prime Minister’s father?
Let’s face it. We are now currently facing a rising intolerance towards other races and those of differing lifestyles that wouldn’t harm much of the populous at all in accepting them.
When the isle of Penang gets branded a ‘gay’ sex hub instead of a vice hub for everyone, homosexual or heterosexual, we are looking at the fact that Malaysians are not only pulling away from the ideology of 1 Malaysia or a Malaysian Malaysia or a Middle Malaysia.
We are no longer a Malaysia.
The sad part is, this is caused by the people we elected. And furthermore, it is being done while the rest of the nation simply shuts up, with no action being taken because the nation have been advised to instead focus on trying to revive our stagnant economy, or pay more attention to our kids, or if we watch Astro, focus on the next Akademi Fantasia and let politicians handle the politics.
When racial, religious and even human intolerance is no longer part of a national debate amongst leaders who would rather just spill secrets of how they were duped into believing that they would be ruling the nation since September 2008, I think it’s time for the rakyat to tell our lawmakers to just publish a book, and get on with running the country.
I don’t give a damn about who was supposed to be the turncoat from UMNO or how Anwar promised which party to be Deputy Prime Minister.
What I do give a damn about are the laws that were supposed to be passed.
I want to know what amendments will be made to the Internal Security Act. I want to know what amendments will be made to the University and University College Act.
And, of course, I want the total repeal of Penal Code 377 altogether.
And I give an even bigger damn for a motion to remove immunity from anything said in Parliament because, considering the racist and prejudicial remarks coming from that respected hall that has now been converted into a gossiping kopitiam, I honestly believe the lawmakers have become too blasphemously arrogant.
In his opening address, His Majesty did point this out.
In layman’s terms and in the most cynical way, he basically said was that our lawmakers are acting like a bunch of kindergarten kids who deserve to be whacked with a hammer because they forget that they are representatives of the people, and I, for one, agree with His Royal Highness on this point.
So here’s what I put forth to the Prime Minister, since he’s so gung ho about promoting his 1 Malaysia ideals and is the King’s chosen government.
Are NGOs such as GELI, Pasrah and Perkasa truly part of the nation’s unification agenda? If yes, what kind of sick ‘unification’ is this?
If no, then why do they even exist?
Why not use the laws in this nation to go after them, for being unregistered organisations and for being bloody seditious in doing so since they are truly threatening the harmony of the nation?
Why are the flip-flopping Home Minister and Attorney General, both of whom are religious and racially prejudiced still holding office?
Prime Minister, let me just give you an ultimatum.
Either you take action, or believe you me; the rakyat will take action against you and your cabinet, making you the first Prime Minister who has never been re-elected to run a government.
Either way, it’s you who will be history.The latter won a Golden Globe, the former is nothing other than a bunch of intolerant idiots who banded together in their quest to eradicate sodomy.
As I’ve always pointed out to my gay friends, only anal-retentive a**holes would want to eradicate sodomy for everyone because they hurt too much trying to experience it.
But they’re not the only group.
We had Pasrah, an anti-homosexual organisation established during the first sodomy trial. We have Perkasa, a radical Malay group. And both of these are started by the same politician who won on the ticket of the conservative religious party, PAS.A week ago, I was browsing The Nut Graph and discovered that there’s now a non-government organisation called Geli with a page on Facebook.
And no, it has nothing to do with a television show where bunch of kids joining together in a show choir group.

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